Jewellery findings are the foundation of great jewellery creations. At Peekays, we have been in the findings industry long enough to know that quality is the key. Consumers are consciously making the move towards quality products and we truly believe that quality should not be compromised at any stage.

Peekays Findings is a leader in supplying superior jewellery components for manufacture, repair and remodelling. We work hard to source the highest quality of findings and to stock an extensive range of components to help Australian jewellers to create their masterpieces. Our findings are fully guaranteed and are nearly all sourced from Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.

After years of servicing the jewellery industry, we realise that our efficient and professional customer service is our best asset.

At Peekays, we strive to provide the best customer service. Each customer is treated as if they are personal friends (and often they are).  We want our clients to feel valued and appreciated for the business they have given us.   We build relationships where we can supply the right findings for their creation and to top it all, we make it as simple as possible for them to conduct their business.

Jewellers always strive for the perfect finish to their work. That’s why at Peekays, we offer only the highest quality findings that you can trust.